Millet Vermicelli Falooda


Milk 1 cup

Multi millet vermicelli 1/2 cup

Basil seeds 2 tsp

4 tsp Rose Gulkhand

4 tsp Rose water

ice cream 2 scoops

2 tsp Pistachios


Gulkhand – One can either buy gulkhand or prepare at home by mixing damask rose petals (paneer rose) with honey or sugar syrup and let the mixture rest for few days in room temperature to get to jam like consistency.

Blend the Milk, ice cream, gulkhand and rose water to get a smoothie

Soak some ready to eat multi millet sevai in hot water for 3 mins.

Soak the basil seeds in water for few minutes

Add the multi-millet vermicelli and top it with the smoothie and add basil seeds.

No need to add sugar as the rose syrup and the icecream all have sweetness already.

Add pistachios and serve chilled.

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