Having got a very balanced nutritional value, it is highly helpful in curing asthma, cancer and many other health issues. These seeds contain high levels of natural fibres that are even more durable than fibres obtained through other sources. The hemp seeds are also rich in vitamins and minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, amino acids, etc.

In general, hemp seeds are used as dietary supplement in many different cultures. It is used in conventional medical practices as it has a number of health benefits. Generally, the reason for avoiding these seeds is its source which is cannabis plant. However, considering the various health benefits of these seeds, the source is negligible.

Nutritional value of hemp seeds :
For each 100gm of hemp seeds, there is 553 calories present. It contains 4.96g water, 8.67g carbs, 1.5g sugar, 31.56g protein, 7.95mg of iron, 700mg of magnesium, 4g fibre, 1200mg potassium, 1650gm phosphorous, and 5mg sodium.

Better heart health
Improves digestion :
Helps sleep better :
Protects you from osteoporosis :
Prevents anemia :
Helps losing weight :
Keeps cancer at bay :
Builds muscle mass :
Balances body hormones :
Boosts immunity :