27 Oct

Let’s build a disease free and healthysociety with siridhanyalu!

Exceptional attributes of the five siridhanyalu grains.The five siridhanyalu grains are not petty grains, but amazingly natural cereals gifted by the Nature. Most of the modern lifestyle diseases can be cured by consuming these grains for a period of 6 months to 2 years. Besides giving rich nutrients, they cleanse the body from the disease causing toxins. Owing to hybridization for generations, indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, paddy and wheat crops have lost their natural characteristics and have turned into disease inducing cereals. List of varied diseases, disorders and medical conditions cured by siridhanyalu rice.

1. Foxtail millet rice: nervous system, psychological disorders, arthritis, Parkinson’s, epilepsy

2. Kodo millet rice: blood impurities, anemia, weak immunity, diabetes, constipation, insomnia

3. Barnyard millet rice: liver, kidney, excess bad cholesterol, endocrine glands

4. Little millet rice: uterus, PCOD, male and female infertility

5. Brown top millet rice: digestive system, arthritis, hypertension, thyroidism, eye, obesity

The characteristics of any food item are determined by the ratio of the quantities of dietary fibre to the carbohydrates contained in it. The food item in which this ratio is less than 10 is considered to have medicinal properties. This ratio varies between 5.5and 8.8 among the siridhanyalu rice . The ratio of fiber to carbohydrates in paddy rice is 395. Even in whole paddy rice and wheat the ratio is not much different.

Contents are taken from  to SIRIDHANYALU(English)- FOOD THAT HEALS.pdf  by Dr. Khadar Vali, Ph.d

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